Live Album Pledge Campaign Success

Our recent Pledge Music campaign has now finished and we made 100% of our goal. Thanks to those of you who committed cash for a copy of the finished product or some of our other bits and pieces. (Who's going to stepping out with a big brass Rechords belt buckle, getting around in Leo's red western shirt and going for a ride on Tyron's Triumph?)

Thanks also the those that were  a part of one of the live ReChording sessions - your whoops and whistles will feature on the final product.

So you've done your part, now it's time for us to finish ours.

We've chosen 20 or so of our favourite renditions and are half way through mixing them to bring out the best of the sounds from the night(s). We're working to get the live album packaged up and ready for mailing and/or download ASAP as well as sending out merchandise and fulfilling our other promises.

We can't wait for you to hear this folks, it's our sweetest recording yet, so thanks again for making it happen!