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(About the new single release for Aug 2017 - 'MOCKINGBIRD' & 'SEEING THINGS')

"The ReChords throw the book out the window, announce a series of double A-side vinyl releases"

A single on vinyl is an exciting release at the best of times. And while Melbourne outfit The ReChordshave been putting music out since 2009, it is now that they have decided to throw caution to the wind and do things a little differently.  (READ MORE)

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(Q&A with the band with Billy Menthol - June 2016)

"Every now and again I get tired of hearing new bands. Nothing new sounds appealing to me. Then one day something pops up on my radar and my mind is blown".

In this case, it was a couple of years ago. The band that got my attention? The Rechords from Australia. (READ MORE)

The Akademia Awards (USA)

(About the bands EP 'It Won't Be Long' released in 2015)

"'Brilliant wordsmithing, exceptional musicianship and memorable vocals make this collection of Americana gems shine."

'It Won't Be Long' just won 'BEST AMERICANA EP' for Mar 2015. (READ MORE)

Upon first glance, you may be tempted to put The Rechords in the rockabilly bin. You’d be making a big mistake. While they may opt for an old school vehicle for delivery, the songs move well beyond generic rockabilly and exhibit a soul and sophistication all their own. I first heard these guys years ago at a roots festival in Australia, and they stuck out as the best harmony singers at the entire festival. That alone would be enough reason to check them out, but its their songs that separate them from the rest of the pack. Think rockabilly by way of Nick Lowe or Buddy Holly, with the focus more on melodic songs and less on retro style. Dig it!
— Joey Simeone (The Bellfuries, USA)