"Upon first glance, you may be tempted to put The Rechords in the rockabilly bin. You'd be making a big mistake. While they may opt for an old school vehicle for delivery, the songs move well beyond generic rockabilly and exhibit a soul and sophistication all their own. I first heard these guys years ago at a roots festival in Australia, and they stuck out as the best harmony singers at the entire festival. That alone would be enough reason to check them out, but its their songs that separate them from the rest of the pack. Think rockabilly by way of Nick Lowe or Buddy Holly, with the focus more on melodic songs and less on retro style. Dig it! "  - Joey Simeone (The Bellfuries)

“I found myself smiling for the whole set and when I turned around I noticed the whole audience doing exactly the same thing” – Richard Moffat (‘Way Over There’ & ‘Incoming on RRRfm’)

“The ReChords…..a band to look out for” – Aunty Meredith (Meredith Music Festival, Victoria)

"One our favorite Melbourne bands in recent times. Great musicians, great songs, great showmen. Its western swing, hillbilly, country - pure rock n roll. A refreshingly deep take on American roots rock usually occupied by forgettable haircut bands." - Woody McDonald (21st Meredith Music Festival - Festival Booker)

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Upright Bass but it’s the 2 and 3 part harmonies and varied lead vocals that give The Rechords it’s individuality and punch. Known for their live performance energy on stage and hypnotic melodies and infectious rhythms. The songs are as eclectic as the members that write them and it’s what forms the bands uniqueness and sound which, if needed, would be best described as Americana .  They’ve been influenced by Old Timey Hillbilly, Bluegrass, alternative Country, Traditional Rockabilly with hints of the classic vocal groups of the 60’s and even a twist of pop vibes.

The trio have worked hard since 2009, building quite a strong local and evergrowing overseas following, performing in the realm of over 500+ shows.  They can thrive in a small pub or feel just as comfortable gracing the festival stages, like Falls Festival, Meredith Music Festival, Gympie Music Muster & the Wave Rock Weekender to name a few. They’ve completed two successful self-funded European tours, one in 2011 and the other in 2013 both consisting of about 10 shows each including 2 major roots festivals each tour and are about to embark on their third European Tour this July-August (2018) for 4 weeks. With their overseas tours and constant online promotion and exposure they have followers in Spain, Germany, Austria, Nederlands, Belgium, France, UK and many states throughout the USA which helped them win the Best Roots/Country EP Category 2014on the Independent Music Awardswebsite with their 4 track EP titled ‘It Won’t Be Long’.

Their discography includes 2 full albums, debut album titled‘On The Wagon’released in 2010 and their ‘Live Rechording’ album was released in early 2015, along with a couple of singles over the years and a 4 track 7 inch Vinyl ‘Bottom Of The Barrel’ released on Spanish label, El Toro Records in 2012.  Back in 2014 they also released a professional Music Video for their Single ‘Don’t Know Much’ which, as of July 2017, has over 118,000 views on Youtube.  The next bunch of recordings took place at a studio called Los Bomberos in Northcote with the help of Producer / Engineer, David M. Turner Esqin late November, 2016. Those 7 to 8 months in and out of the studio have resulted in 10 amazing tracks which have been packaged and released as a series of Limited Edition 7 inch Double A-Sided Vinyl singles.  Along with the audio release of ‘Mockingbird’ and ‘Seeing Things’, the first of the new songs have accompanying new Music Videos.

Bookings & Media Enquiries: the_rechords@optusnet.com.au  

Management: the_rechords@optusnet.com.au   m: Tyron - +61 402 384 744 (Australia)


Rechords Timeline Hilights:-

Formed - 2009


2010 - Debut Album “ON THE WAGON” - Released 2010 on local Bundoora Records label (15 Tracks)


2011- First European Tour completed, included 10 shows over a two week schedule incorporating a festival in Germany & a festival in Spain.


2011- Performed at well known Indie Music festival - the MEREDITH MUSIC FESTIVAL in Victoria, Australia


2012- Released a 4 Track Vinyl EP “BOTTOM OF THE BARREL" through Spanish Label - ‘El Toro Records’.


2012- Performed at another well known Music festival - The FALLS FESTIVAL in Victoria, Australia.


2013- Recorded and Released a 4 Track EP “IT WON’T BE LONG” on CD with the assistance of Music Producer, Lindsay Gravina with intentions to aim at a more 'Radio-friendly’ market.


2013- Released a Music Video for ‘DON’T KNOW MUCH’ being the lead single from our EP ‘It Won’t Be Long’ with over 118,000 views on Youtube to date.


2013- Second European Tour completed, included another 10 shows including a festival in Belgium and another festival in Spain.


2014- (Dec) Recorded first ‘LIVE’ Album at local venue (Yarra Hotel) in Melbourne.


2014- Won ‘BEST ROOTS / COUNTRY EP 2014’ category for ‘It Won’t Be Long' via the INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS, USA.


2015- Released single, “HAVE YOU SEEN (MY BABY TONIGHT)” - Independent release.


2015- (Early) Released second album “A LIVE RECHORDING” - Independently released (23 Tracks).


2017– New singles, MOCKINGBIRD & SEEING THINGS released on limited edition 7 inch Vinyl with Producer, David M. Turner Esq. – Independently Released.


2017– Released new Music Video for MOCKINGBIRD with production underway for a Music Video for SEEING THINGS.


2018– (April) New singles, HAVE YOU SEEN MY BABY TONIGHT & LYING LIPS released on limited edition 7 inch Vinyl with Producer, David M. Turner Esq. – Independently Released.


2018– (July) New singles, HANDFUL OF CASH (EYES TURN TO TRASH) & GOODNIGHT, GOOD LUCK, GOOD BYE released on limited edition 7 inch Vinyl with Producer, David M. Turner Esq. – Independently Released.


2018- Third European Tour scheduled for July-August, includes another 10 shows throughtout France, UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands