NEW 7 inch Records launching throughout the year!


Yep, that's right, Felix, Leo & Tyron are so buzzed about the next recorded project from THE RECHORDS that is on it's way and now they finally get to let you all know about it.  It's hard times now for most independent artists to know just how and what format to release new tracks on, CD sales have been dropping not just in stores but at shows too for many bands.  Digital Downloading and Streaming is definitely popular and great for the convenience of the fans & listeners but not so beneficial or profitable for the artists themselves, minimal returns if any as so many are able to find free versions of these songs to download which means the artists has to come to the realisation that they produce recordings for free for others to enjoy.   This is all well and good, however it still costs the artist/s $$$ to record, produce, package even if providing just artwork for the downloads and we all know that the music industry is not a place setup where local independant artists get paid well to perform.

So much soul searching and discussion was had with the band to decide on the right way to release their most satisfying recorded works to date.  VINYL!!!!  Yep, why not!  Even though Vinyl has been making a strong comeback over the last few years reality states that it still is a niche market but it's something alot hold a passion for and it's also steeped in history regarding the Music Industry and that tactile feeling that you have a real product in your hands from the artist/s. And what better way to celebrate some of the best recorded work the band has produced so far, than to release these current and future tracks as individual pieces of work in their own rights.  As you all know, The Rechords have been known to be..... a little different..... in their approach to the music they perform and it's been growing as has the band since the early beginnings in 2009.  They still love the early roots sounds that they've been performing and remain true to the same format and makeup of the band & the music by keeping the traditional 3 piece of Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Double Bass along with the two part and at times, three part harmonies.  And having 3 vocalists in the band and not just one front man with backing instrumentation makes it a slightly unique affair and really defines our sound.

They've had an amazing experience teaming up with their new found friend and musical Engineer and Producer, David M.Turner Esq. of Los Bomberos Studio in Northcote (Victoria) and have recorded 10 tracks already since last year in Dec 2016 with even more Recording scheduled later in the year.  So this SINGLES COLLECTION was hatched from The Rechords. It all begins with release of two new tracks to be available on a Limited Edition 7 inch Double A Sided Records with accompanying Digital Downloadable versions for the tech savvy, a new recorded studio version of 'MOCKINGBIRD' and 'SEEING THINGS'.  Throughout later this year they will be trying to schedule regular launches every maybe 2 to 3 months approx. with two new tracks available all on 7 inch Limited Edition Vinyl Records with accompanying downloads and eventually you will be able to purchase and collect the complete set.   Each single will be accompanied with it's own individual artwork and for the first time in Rechords history you will also have included the lyrics on a bonus Sleeve Insert for each single.  Remember folks, these will be in limited numbers for the vinyls so get in quick before they're gone.

Also.....keep an eye out for a release of New MUSIC VIDEO's to accompany the audio releases.

WOW!!!  How cool is that!! ;)

So, we'd just like to thank some folks who are helping make all this possible, obviously David M. Turner and Kyle Lane from Los Bomberos Studio, Paul Blakey for the Mastering from 9th & Vine Post based on the Gold Coast, Qld and of course Paul and the team at Zenith Records who are based right here in our home town of Melbourne, it's an extra bonus to be able to have our vinyl produced completely here in Australia.

*** Also check out our brand new music video for 'Mockingbird' ***