2nd of our 7 inch Vinyl Records launching 11th Nov

'LYING LIPS / HAVE YOU SEEN MY BABY TONIGHT' are the next single releases in the series.

The band is buzzed once again to keep rolling out these new singles they've recorded at Los Bomberos studio with the help of David M. Turner esq. at the helm adding creative input with production and twiddling the knobs (or keys).  The next two tracks are coming out again on a Double A Sided 7 inch vinyl that will include an insert sleeve containing the lyrics of boths songs. 

The Rechords have drawn on many influences from the Americana genre with particular roots in the golden tones of the 1940’s, 50’s & 60’s. The stripped back line-up of acoustic and electric guitars with an upright bass allows their rich three-part harmonies to shine through while ensuring the rhythm is still upfront and strong.

Lying Lips” sees the Rechords tap back into their vintage country roots to lament the dangerous temptation of alluring beauty everywhere.  'Those lips are only lying to you...' the high harmonies cry '...they won't only break your heart, they'll ruin your mind'!

Have You Seen My Baby Tonight” is a teen-rebel anthem of being restless and pining for that special someone. Lush 3 part harmonies paired with a desperate rock'n'roll tone accompany dramatic lead vocals from both Leo & Felix.

These are songs written and delivered with authenticity from a group taking their music in an exciting new direction. In coming months, on top of local release parties for each subsequent Double A side record the trio are also in the middle of scheduling their next European Tour for late July-Mid August 2018 to promote their new music overseas.

In addition to each limited release 7" record, digital downloads will be available through the SHOP page on this website.

'Lying Lips/Have You Seen My Baby Tonight' launching at ‘Heartaches & Hangovers’ at the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 11th November. Click here for full show details